Canopy Atlanta is a community-led nonprofit journalism project founded in 2020. We choose, report, and present stories with Atlantans, redefining who journalism is by and for.

Our mission is to equip metro Atlantans to report in collaboration with experienced journalists about the issues their communities care about most. We tell stories that directly respond to neighborhood needs, partner with existing community information systems, and build neighborhoods’ capacity to keep obtaining information from public records, officials, or archives.

Each Canopy Atlanta issue focuses on a different neighborhood in metro Atlanta’s five core counties. For our first issue in West End, we talked to more than 50 residents about the stories they wanted; trained six neighbors in journalism as our West End Fellows, reporting alongside award-winning journalists; and presented the issue online, through a print-run partnership, and via live events. We’re doing that same process in two more Atlanta neighborhoods in 2021, plus launching a newsletter with shorter stories that cover the region.

Our work has been featured in Columbia Journalism Review, Nieman Lab, the Atlantic, the American Press Institute, and others. Join our mission to make journalism more collaborative by supporting our work.

West End Journalism Fellow Naya Clark talks to a voter in the neighborhood on Election Day 2020. Photo by Billy Ross.


The community helps us choose story topics in each issue through listening conversations via canvassing, phone calls, social media, and other innovative engagement methods. A paid community editorial board helps us refine story angles.


To report those stories, we pay and train residents—our Journalism Fellows—to tell those stories alongside experienced journalists through words, photos, audio, and more.


When we release each issue, we don’t hit publish and leave. We share those stories in and with the community through live events, partnerships, printed materials, and more.