Issue No. 3 / Bankhead

Stories chosen, produced, and presented in collaboration with the Bankhead + Grove Park community

How we made this issue
Cover art by Barbara Rego.

We partnered with community members in the Grove Park and Bankhead neighborhoods to choose, report, and present journalism that residents said was important to them. More than 75 current and former residents and stakeholders weighed in on what information and stories they wanted to focus on.

These stories were developed with community feedback and written by community members, our Fellows. Over the last few months, the Fellows completed a paid training course and put their new skills to practice through writing and reporting. Canopy Atlanta is excited to present these community-powered stories to you.

The Bankhead + Grove Park Issue will roll out over the next few weeks.


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THE BUSINESS OF BANKHEAD Local entrepreneurs share their stories of success and challenges in the face of changing economic landscapes.

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FROM BANKHEAD TO BUCKHEAD What’s behind the oft-used phrase? How do residents feel about it? We asked questions and got some answers.


BEHIND THE MUSIC Bankhead has a rich hip-hop history, but do the lyrics tell the whole story? Our reporters explore.


WHAT’S DRIVING GENTRIFICATION? We look at the factors behind the rapid development and displacement of Black legacy residents.

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ENVIRONMENTAL EQUITY Looking at what trash can allotment tells us about public works afforded to resources in underserved communities.

Emily Pl Street Sign

HOMELESSNESS Bankhead residents want to help the unhoused population in their community, but are finding few solutions. Our Bankhead Fellows investigate what is and isn’t working.

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WHAT HAPPENED TO OFFICER GRAY? This two-part series tells the story of one law enforcement professional who left an indelible mark on local residents, and looks at the city’s past, present and future policing efforts.

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HOUSING AND BLIGHT Knock, knock — who owns this vacant property? Here’s what our Bankhead Fellows found.

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BOWEN HOMES What will happen to this historic Bankhead apartment complex?

Photos by Gavin Guidry, William Bridges and Dustin Chambers. Bowen Homes photo from archives.

“Bankhead and Grove Park are oft-forgotten Atlanta gems that help us better understand the city’s complicated past, present and future. The communities, like everywhere else inside the perimeter, have their challenges, success and unmatched pride. Connecting local reporters with our Canopy Fellows, we wanted to bring all of that into focus.”


Map illustrated by Sean Fahie.


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