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Issue 3: Bankhead

We’re partnering with community members in the Grove Park and Bankhead neighborhoods to choose, report, and present journalism that residents want.

We’re asking dozens of current and former residents and stakeholders what information they need to thrive. Then, we’ll report on those stories and train residents to be community journalists as our Fellows. We’ll publish and present those stories later this year. See how we did this last year in West End, where more than 50 residents participated in journalism for their community.

Get paid to learn journalism side-by-side with reporters and serve your community! Canopy Atlanta is currently accepting applicants for its six-week, part-time, paid Community Journalism Fellowship.

The fellowship is open to Bankhead and Grove Park community members (including former residents) with an interest in community journalism or storytelling (through personal projects, previous training, community work, volunteering, etc.), including through writing, photography, video, or more. Previous journalistic work is not required. All we ask is that applicants are curious, committed, and collaborative; are research-oriented; and have an interest in collectively helping Bankhead and Grove Park residents access information that can help them thrive.

EXPECTATIONS: For six weeks, fellows are expected to contribute up to 10 hours of their time weekly. You will be paid for this work. Twice a week, you’ll be expected to meet virtually for training. The rest will be remote, just as most reporters do, covering an assignment. Along with engagement within the Canopy Atlanta reporting ecosystem, fellows should expect homework, supplementary readings and enrichment workshops.

FELLOWSHIP START DATE: September to mid-October

OUTCOMES: Fellows will train alongside journalists and receive guidance from Bankhead community members; develop their ability to access information through research, interviews, or archives; and learn tools to tell stories and report on stories that matter most to their community. You might work in written text, photography, audio, video, or illustration—all of which we’ll help you grow. We prioritize applicants with a sustained interest in civic work, and who are likely to continue reporting for their community post-Fellowship.

** Apply here by August 15. **

Questions? Email us at hello@canopyatlanta.org. Want to hear how our West End Fellows from our first issue—southwest Atlanta residents trained in community journalism—felt about their experience? Read their stories here, or watch a conversation between two Fellows here.

Meet your neighbors, and make sure journalism about Bankhead and Grove Park truly represents the community’s interests!

Over a couple of meetings, the Bankhead Community Editorial Board will learn about media advocacy for their community and help choose the topics we write about, based on feedback we’re collecting from dozens in the Bankhead and Grove Park communities. Board members will also provide input, sources, and advice to fellows and journalists writing the stories about the area. You will receive a stipend for your time.

Any Bankhead or Grove Park community member—including former residents—with a demonstrated interest in the neighborhood is eligible to be a board member.

** Apply here by July 23. **

Questions? Email us at hello@canopyatlanta.org. Check out our West End Issue to see the types of journalism that this process has previously produced.

Learn more about Canopy Atlanta and our model here, and see how we partnered with West End to produce community-led journalism here.

Join our mission in making Atlanta journalism more collaborative and equitable by supporting our work.

Questions? Email us at hello@canopyatlanta.org

West End Journalism Fellow Naya Clark talks to a voter in the neighborhood on Election Day 2020. Photo by Billy Ross.