Journalism Fellowship & Reporting Residency

Learn about Canopy Atlanta’s Training Programs: our Journalism Fellowship and Reporting Residency.

About the Canopy Atlanta Journalism Fellowship

The Canopy Atlanta Community Journalism Fellowship is open to all community members within our coverage areas (including former residents) with an interest in community journalism or journalism-adjacent storytelling (either through personal projects, previous training/coursework, community work, volunteering, internships, etc.). Previous journalistic work is not required. All we ask is that applicants are curious, committed, and collaborative; are research-oriented; and have an interest in telling their community’s story collectively.


EXPECTATIONS: For up to 10 weeks, fellows are expected to contribute up to 10 hours of their time weekly under a hybrid remote/in-person scheduling arrangement. You will be paid for this work. Twice a week, you'll be expected to meet virtually for two hours for training. The rest will be remote, just as most reporters do, covering an assignment. Along with engagement within the Canopy Atlanta reporting ecosystem, fellows should expect pre-work, homework, on-the-ground reporting, supplementary readings, and workshops.


OUTCOMES: The fellowship is a unique opportunity to develop reporting, writing, and research skills for print and digital platforms. Fellows will train alongside journalists and receive guidance from a Community Editorial Board. Fellows will complete the fellowship with tools to navigate community work, improved research and reporting skills, publishable text or other types of media and a deep understanding of the coverage areas as a foundation for sustained engagement. 




About the Canopy Atlanta Reporting Residency

The Canopy Atlanta Reporting Residency is a 12-month paid program for Canopy Atlanta Fellows and experienced Atlanta Documenters to further develop their investigative and storytelling skills.

Residents will advise on CA’s Community Journalism Fellowship program and receive weekly training sessions to complete a reporting project that deepens CA’s Metro Atlanta coverage.

“The Residency allows our program participants to take their research and reporting to another level. We hope this program will allow us to continue to both build out the journalistic capacity as well as address the ongoing information needs in the neighborhoods we cover.”

— Kamille Whittaker, Training Director

The Reporting Residency is open to those who’ve completed the Canopy Atlanta Community Journalism Fellowship and/or participated in the Atlanta Documenters program. To learn more about the Residency, Fellowship, and other ways to get involved in CA’s coverage, email Training Director Kamille Whittaker at kamille@canopyatlanta.org.


2022-2023 Reporting Residency

Bankhead Senior Fellow Ann Hill Bond is Canopy Atlanta’s inaugural Resident.

Over the next year, Hill Bond proposed to spend 10 weeks each in West End, Forest Park, Bankhead, South DeKalb, and Lakewood Heights.

Her reporting will not only follow up on previous community listening from these areas, but show the connectivity between these communities through five focus areas: religion, food access, international affairs, history, and social justice.