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Founded in 2020, Canopy Atlanta is a community journalism nonprofit working in the five-county Atlanta metro region. We choose, report, and share stories with Atlantans, redefining who journalism is by and for. 


We work with communities to learn reporting skills and create local journalism through a variety of programs and events. Our Community Issues partner with residents in a specific neighborhood to tell their stories through community listening, a fellowship program, and other avenues. Atlanta Documenters pays and trains residents to take notes at undercovered public meetings.

Documenters Program Manager


Monthly/big picture workflow

  • Manage Canopy Atlanta’s Documenters program, and oversee our network of program participants
  • Maintain operational workflow, processes, and systems for Documenters
  • Manage orientations, trainings, and community building events (, monthly community of practice), with support of Training and Engagement Coordinator
  • Manage workflow for special projects that engage Documenters to promote local knowledge of Atlanta and its civic processes
  • Cultivate a network of local partners in media, community organizing, education, academia and government who are consistently using Documenters.org as part of their regular work and sharing feedback with Canopy Atlanta
  • Participate in the Documenters Network 


Daily workflow

  • Coordinate Documenters public meeting assignments workflow by selecting program participants each week and supporting people while they are on assignment, in line with editorial guidelines and partnership requirements
  • Review, edit, fact-check, and publish Documenters assignment submissions, providing constructive feedback and coaching as needed
  • Serve as conduit between Documenters priorities/findings and editorial/community listening
  • Manage administrative functions for Documenters (i.e. submit assignments for payment, manage Documenters database)


Required skills: 

  • Professional experience in news-writing and journalism are NOT required for this role.
  • Excellent digital fluency, computer competency, and research skills; experienced with searching online databases, identifying primary/official sources and reliable news outlets
  • Strong project management and organizational skills and an ability to move projects and workflow forward independently
  • A keen eye for detail and ability to follow processes carefully and in a quick-paced, deadline-driven environment
  • Strong coaching/mentoring skills; able to deliver constructive feedback and build rapport with program participants respectfully and with cultural competence, including with communities of color, queer communities, low wage-earning communities, and participants with different learning styles and abilities
  • Excellent writing skills; capable of writing clearly, concisely and accurately
  • Demonstrated experience where attention to detail was a core job function (i.e. fact-checking, copy editing)
  • Basic knowledge of local policy-making and the ways that people can participate in civic processes
  • Ability to quickly learn about complex issues and prioritize and contextualize information accordingly


You should apply if:

  • You’re an internet sleuth, able to dig and find information from reliable sources
  • You like working with and learning from others, giving and receiving feedback and sharing skills
  • You are intrigued by the workings of local government and civic municipalities, especially how residents interact with it and each other in order to help a community thrive



This is a full-time position, with an annual $58,000 salary and benefits, including a wellness stipend, tech stipend and work from home, flexible work schedule.

Application Process

To apply, please answer the questions in this form and attach your resume. 

The deadline for applications is June 11, 2023. 

Canopy Atlanta will review applications by June 16, 2023. 

After an initial screening, select candidates will be invited to participate in a round of interviews with staff and community members. 

Please email hello@canopyatlanta.org with questions.