Lakewood Heights
Issue No. 5

This community, just south of downtown, is debating how to best honor its historic landmarks and serve its residents going forward. We explore the legacy that its General Motors plant left behind, the neighborhood’s mysterious reputation as a “Holistic Health Oasis,” and what’s in store for the vacant Lakewood Elementary building.

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Partnering with Atlanta
Canopy Atlanta partners with Atlantans to choose, report, and present journalism responding to community needs, helping residents tell stories about the issues that matter most to them.
55+ Listening Respondents
To choose the stories in this issue, Canopy Atlanta connected with more than 55 Lakewood Heights community members and convened four Lakewood Heights residents to serve on the Community Editorial Board and help guide story angles.
4 Journalism Fellows
Canopy Atlanta paid and trained four Lakewood Heights community members—our Fellows—to learn journalism skills over a six-week program. They worked with other journalists to report and write the stories in this issue.
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