Issue No. 2 / Forest Park

Stories chosen, produced, and presented in collaboration with the Forest Park community

How we made this issue

Illustration credit: Sean Fahie


Five ways residents want Forest Park to grow—and how the city is actually spending their money

Our Forest Park Fellows—residents trained in writing and reporting—reflect on the city's past, present, and future.

Our Forest Park Issue editors, Beth McKibben and Floyd Hall, welcome readers to the community.

Georgia's third-largest Vietnamese American community makes its home in Forest Park.

Over the last decade, Hispanic people have left Forest Park because of overpolicing fears. Can a new police chief keep the communities here?

Forest Park students, parents, and administrators grapple with how the pandemic has exacerbated inequality issues.

How Clayton County’s largest city finds itself alienated from the produce terminal

Forest Park actually has everything it needs, including public transportation, but it’s dispersed across the city. What would it take to connect these assets along Main Street?

How we partnered with more than 120 Forest Park community members

We compiled resources that Forest Park residents told us they need—on local food, policing, education, and more.

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