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Atlanta Documenters trains and pays Metro Atlantans to attend and report on public meetings across the five-county area.

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Documenters are citizens and civic actors; creators and collaborators; representing a broad base of intergenerational, diverse communities.
By joining our network you’ll have access to:
Free trainings, events and paid assignments
The Documenters message board
Exclusive opportunities from City Bureau and local Documenters partners
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Attend an Orientation
This two-hour orientation will introduce you to the program and the reporting skills you’ll need. Upon completion of this workshop, you’ll be eligible to apply for paid assignments.
Atlanta Documenters Orientation includes:
A walk-through of the program
How to complete assignments
What your rights are at public meetings
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Start Taking Assignments
Documenters are paid $18/hr. We support Documenters throughout the reporting process and publish their edited reporting for other media, organizations, and residents to use.
During assignments, you will:
Connect with other community members
Report on government meetings
Update the community about the systems that impact their lives
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Atlanta Documenters take notes at public meetings across the five-county area. We publish those fact-checked notes for everyone to use.

Meeting Notes

Why Atlanta Documenters?

Metro Atlanta’s public meetings are workshops for democracy, where residents can learn about and act on the systems that impact their lives.

But many public meetings happen with no oversight or input from the public. They can be intimidating and inaccessible spaces for people who are unfamiliar.

Atlanta Documenters puts the “public” back in public meetings: We train and pay Metro Atlantans to report on local government for their communities. Atlanta Documenters is part of the national Documenters Network.

Anyone Can Become a Documenter!

Atlanta Documenters is part of the Documenters Network, a national network created by City Bureau in Chicago.

Anyone can become a Documenter by signing up  and attending an orientation.

QUESTIONS? Email documenters@canopyatlanta.org


About the Documenters Network

Launched in Chicago in 2016

The Documenters Network grows with new cities and regions each year.

We’re harnessing communal power, together, by inspiring, connecting, and supporting civic media producers across the U.S.

Thousands of Trained Documenters

The Documenters Network has trained more than 2,000 people across the country to attend and annotate thousands of government meetings.

Our journalists are harnessing their collective knowledge, relationships, and capacity to create a powerful new information resource.

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