Issue No. 1 / West End

Stories chosen, produced, and presented in collaboration with the West End community

How we made this issue

Illustration credit: George Galbreath


Our conversation with Thomas Portis Jr. of Southwest Paint and John Onwuchekwa of Portrait Coffee

City officials deemed water sales along highway exits a nuisance and a threat. But for one West End teenager, the hustle is a way to make money and to stay out of jail.

How the neighborhood’s artists are adapting to the COVID-19 era

After West End children started the school year online, families still are coping with the new challenges of remote learning.

As COVID-19 threatens plans for the neighborhood's Black commercial center, businesses hang in the balance.

The future for Black farmers in West End and beyond Atlanta looks just as unstable as the present.

How 822 Oak Street forever changed my life

A note from our West End Issue editor, Gavin Godfrey

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