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February 24, 2022
Quotes collected by Genia Billingsley and Ann Hill-Bond Resources compiled by Adrian Coleman

THE OFFICIAL MAP of the city plots the Bankhead community as starting at the intersection of Donald Lee Hollowell and Joseph Lowery and extending to the intersection of West Lake Avenue and Joseph E. Boone. When we asked several community members, they all had their own, unique take. What these people had in common is they all considered Bankhead as their neighborhood. Some stayed and some moved away, but all still claim to know Bankhead. 

Bankhead is a collection of childhood memories of better times. Bankhead is the energy people feel when they think of a long-gone, tight-knit community. Bankhead can only be found in the minds and hearts of those who consider it home. 

Residents Answer: WHERE IS BANKHEAD?

“Bankhead is anywhere the 50 Bankhead bus route services.”

Jevon Billingsley

“Bankhead starts at Maddox Park and goes south to the Old Bankhead Courts.”

Angy Moss

“Bankhead is the entire stretch of the road.”

Kevin Billingsley

“The Bankhead community was actually Bankhead Courts.”

Antione Billingsley

(Final Small) Bankhead Map Layout-01-2

“Bankhead is a little bit past Midtown…about 15 minutes from Atlantic Station, right in between Midtown and Fulton Industrial.”

Kayla Davis

“Bankhead is the 5100 block of what is now known as Donald Lee Hollowell. Bankhead connects all the other west side communities, Center Hill, Grove Park, English Ave. and Baker Road.”

Thelma Billingsley

“The Bankhead community actually starts at the old Bankhead Courts, goes up to Bowen Homes and stops at the Checkers.”

Duvwon Robinson

“Bankhead is what is now known as Donald Lee Hollowell. It’s the most beautiful part of the city. It’s the heart of the city, it’s close to everything.”

Quincy Patterson

“Bankhead goes from the corner of Northside and Bankhead, where it dead ends to once you pass 285, Tower Liqour Store, Blue Flame, Bankhead Court…starts turning into Veterans Memorial once it crosses into Cobb County once you pass the Chattahoochee!”

Lance Irvin

Resources in the Bankhead + Grove Park Area

First set of resources compiled by Adrian Coleman.
Second set of resources provided by the Grove Park Neighborhood Association.
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