Meetings Around the Metro: February 3, 2023

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By Atlanta Documenters
February 03, 2023


  • Atlanta City Council, Transportation (01/25) By: Solomon McBride — MARTA finds itself under scrutiny due to an alleged revenue shortfall; plus, a study for the Moreland/DeKalb Ave. intersection
  • Atlanta Citizen Review Board (01/25) By: Kevin McBride — Atlanta Citizen Review Board approves officer suspension for lack of body cam in restaurant incident, exonerates another in eviction allegation
  • DeKalb County Board of Commissioners (01/24) By: Jill Alikonis — Feedback on an Atlanta Botanical Garden storage facility, plus new Westview townhomes
  • Atlanta City Council, Community Development/Human Services Committee (01/24) By: Nicki Cooper — A quarterly update on the city’s planning and permitting processes, plus favoring the creation of the city’s Department of Labor
  • Atlanta City Council, City Utilities (01/24) By: Chelsea Corbin — Community feedback requested on Channel 24/public access TV, plus items around a Hunter Hills greenspace and Hollowell Parkway road diet
  • MARTA Board of Directors, Planning & Capital Programs Committee (01/24) By: Nile Kendall — MARTA committee hears updates on Streetcar BeltLine extension and Bankhead Station improvements.
  • South Fulton City Council (01/24) By: Dominique Huff — A new sanitation contract authorizes Waste Pro as the service provider for the City of South Fulton. Residents are concerned about potential liens on their homes due to trash billing issues from the city. South Fulton determines their mayor pro tem.
  • Clayton County Board of Commissioners (01/17) By: Jessica Ingram — This addressed Personal Care Home, Boarding Home, and Group Home Standards (PCH) and respective zoning ordinances in protection of homeowner properties. The CCBOC discussed and enacted an ordinance allowing for consistent legislation governing drive-thru restaurant zoning approvals.

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