The Cost of Living: A Housing Project

A joint project between Canopy Atlanta and Atlanta Civic Circle on housing affordability in Metro Atlanta.

Canopy Atlanta and Atlanta Civic Circle are teaming up to produce "The Cost of Living," an investigative reporting and community storytelling project about housing in Atlanta.

It is no secret that affordable housing has long been a critical issue in Metro Atlanta, further exacerbated by rapidly escalating home and rental costs, stagnating wages, and inflation. This issue is at the crux of so many others—equity, gentrification, rapidly changing demographics, crime, education, and economic mobility. 

Together, we will explore how everyday Atlantans are impacted by these challenges and what collective action is necessary to co-create an equitable future.

Looking to Get Involved?

If you would like to share your story, have a suggestion, or want to be part of the community conversation, send us an email at hello@canopyatlanta.org.

Or participate by completing our housing survey.

Stay tuned for more reporting! Coming to you spring/summer 2023.