Lakewood Heights
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The places that make up Lakewood Heights

Presenting Canopy Atlanta’s guide to the community, from a historic cemetery to up-and-coming Black-owned businesses.

Map by Sean Fahie
November 10, 2023
How we reported this story:

Canopy Atlanta asked over 50 Lakewood Heights residents about the journalism they needed. This map of Lakewood Heights assets and landmarks emerged from their feedback.

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Lakewood Heights has changed significantly since the neighborhood was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2002. That designation cited landmarks from its distant past, from a water works servicing the city of Atlanta, to an 86-acre General Motors plant. What used to be Lakewood Fairgrounds is now a film studio.

This map, of Lakewood Heights, highlights present-day gathering spots in the neighborhood— from coffee shops like Black Coffee and Community Grounds, to Lakewood Stadium, and other locations that community members said were significant, during community listening sessions that informed Canopy Atlanta’s sixth Community Issue.

To see these sights among other places that continue to be significant, like South-View Cemetery, underscores what one community listening respondent told us about Lakewood Heights: “New people are here who want to build on what we already have, and that’s exciting.”

Editor: Floyd Hall, Mariann Martin

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